Pasar Kaget

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Pasar Kaget
Pasar Kaget (pasar = market) not the name of the market in Yogyakarta. Pasar Kaget is a term we throw when there are groups of trips at Satya Nugraha Hotel Jogja has some time ago. Approx 4 bus located in the use, and that’s when some traders clothing, crafts, gift shop until the evening snack/typical cuisine of Yogyakarta also met on the pages of Satya Nugraha Hotel Jogja.
These traders indulge guests with a wonderful and diverse gift shop, souvenirs typical of Yogyakarta. Come on feel the market would like to shock at Satya Nugraha Hotel Jogja? Invite you to campus school outing to Jogja and stay at our place, Satya Nugraha Hotel Jogja.

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